Taking stock and setting goals

Why is the New Year a good time to start thinking about using a coach to help you achieve your goals?

The ending of one year and beginning of another is strangely cathartic – out with the old and in with the new. This is echoed in the coaching world when often January sees us taking stock of satisfaction with our lives and reviewing where we are versus where we really want to be. Even if you are contented with your present role and organisation, the New Year is a clear punctuation in the calendar, and a great opportunity to commit to some meaningful goals for the year ahead, to be even more happy and fulfilled.

I know I am biased, but working with a coach as a reflective and challenging partner is a great way to move your thinking forward so that this commitment becomes reality. Coaches use a range of tools and techniques including a Life Balance Wheel to help individuals look holistically at current levels of satisfaction, dependencies between different areas of work and life, and support the coachee to establish priorities for focussing attention and taking action.

Imagining a perfect day at work or your dream job are great ways to think about what really motivates you and establish the non-negotiables in life. Research suggests that it is always easier to move towards something that is attractive and compelling than getting away from something negative. A coach can help you to reflect and establish what is missing, or what you want more of in life, and support you to design practical ways of moving forward in this direction. Have a very happy and fulfilling year!