Facilitation and Team Development

We have worked with many teams in the last 15 years to help them achieve sustainable high performance and deliver quantifiable business results. Team coaching takes the skills and principles of one to one executive coaching and combines them with powerful facilitation and consultancy and established team development techniques. This combination helps teams and managers get the best out of themselves and learn how to work resourcefully.

At SquareStar we help the team to be clear about what it wants to achieve, what dynamics need to be in place for effective team working, and what processes and behaviours will help the team to achieve success. Typically we:

Help teams to get to know their individual and collective strengths and development areas
Work with the teams to assist them to take stock internally and externally
Re-focus individuals and teams to deliver business goals and priorities and recognise and measure success
Develop a common language and commitment to achieving shared goals
Every assignment is designed bespoke for the client, but will often include:

Initial interviews, questionnaires and audits, to establish the “climate” of the team
Facilitated team building tailored to the aims, experience and working practices of the team
Sessions on enhancing creativity, developing more effective internal and external communications, problem solving and on enhancing resilience