Executive Coaching

Coaching is about change, new thinking, insight and learning. If you have ever experienced good coaching, you will know just how transformational it can be in helping you to make changes in work and in life. At SquareStar we are passionate about coaching to develop potential and we work with clients to navigate challenging transitions, be that a career change, dilemma or crisis, dealing with redundancy or planning for retirement. Our clients typically report improving the quality of their strategic thinking and decision making, broadening their choices and options and enhancing their confidence as a result of our coaching.

We take a “whole person” approach to executive coaching – working with the doing self of course – roles, careers, skills and equally important working with the being self – who we are, what makes us tick, our unique life experiences and how that has shaped us and our complex web of relationships.

Many of our clients are busy executives, leaders and managers, grappling with challenges of delivering more with less resource, motivating teams and making sound business decisions in ever more complex and uncertain economic and organisational times. Other clients are seeking that elusive worklife balance or looking to consolidate their performance in the first 100 days of a new role. Many have found tools such as 360º feedback and psychometrics invaluable as a supplement to the coaching.

Our coaches have as a minimum post graduate qualifications in coaching and a decade or so of experience in working with individuals in public and private sector organisations, including FTSE 100.

Please contact us if you would like a free, confidential and no obligation discussion to see whether coaching is right for you.