Coaching for junior managers

I know coaching is useful for established managers and leaders but what about coaching for someone who is just starting out in their career?

When we are well established in the world of work, it is easy to forget what it was like at the beginning of our careers. When you are starting out it is common to experience a mixture of emotions – excitement at starting a new job and the possibilities this offers, fear of the unknown, sometimes even disappointment when it isn’t what we want or expect, frustration with colleagues and the pace of change within the organisation. Coaching is used for established leaders and top talent, but it can really help people at all stages of their careers. After all, navigating and managing a career is not a one-off decision but a series of decisions made over a lifetime.

Coaching young people at the beginning of their career journey can help them to be clearer about who they are, their core values, motivators and “must haves”, and support them to make choices that are consistent with these. It can also be about finding the right mentor for an inexperienced manager or developing key work skills, confidence and self-belief to tackle challenges that less experienced employees can find daunting – such as managing underperformance or addressing inappropriate behaviour such as bullying in the workplace.

From an organisational perspective it also makes eminent sense – if young managers feel they are being supported in their learning and broader development, they are more likely to be committed rather than just compliant, and make greater contributions to the organisation, be more productive, creative, and, in general more fulfilled and fun to work with.