Coach Training

We train line managers and leaders in how to use coaching to enhance performance and motivation. We also train people who are looking to become professional coaches or experienced coaches who are seeking to develop and finesse their practice.

Every coach training programme is designed bespoke for the audience, using robust business and psychological understanding to underpin our practice. We believe in an interactive workshop approach – i.e. a high energy, participative style because we know from research into human learning that this is many times more effective than being talked at. All of our programmes have a high ratio of practice to theoretical input and opportunities for individual participant feedback. Where appropriate, we may suggest some pre-reading and participants have a bespoke manual of notes and handouts for reference and as a permanent back-up.

Content might typically include:

  • What coaching is and isn’t; how it differs from mentoring, therapy and training
  • Foundation skills of coaching
  • Human change and why it is challenging: the psychological reality
  • High impact coaching tools and techniques to identify triggers and drivers and help people generate ideas and energy for change
  • How to identify and work with blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Action learning
  • Psychometrics