Coach Supervision

Supervision is often considered “nice to have” but not essential. We beg to differ! Good supervision is challenging, stretching and energising. Using techniques and models drawn from more established supervision in therapy and social work, supervision can offer high quality space for reflection on coaching practice and exploration of the dynamics of the relationship, as well as looking at options and alternative interventions for future client work.

We have been supervising novice and experienced coaches for many years and also run supervision groups within a range of organisations. One to one supervision can be face to face, by phone or Skype. There are many benefits of supervision;

  • supervision offers support to the coach and a safe place to explore the residual challenges of working with tough, taxing and distressed clients and their issues
  • it provides an opportunity to work through ethical and competence dilemmas in the coaching practice
  • it offers an energising space, where the supervisor can help the coach to develop and grow their skills, theoretical knowledge and self–awareness

Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion and explore how supervision could support you and transform your practice.